Strategies for Mixed-Use Development in Senior Living

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Don’t box them in.

These four words are the perfect summation of today’s senior living mixed-use developments. More than ever, seniors seek innovative housing models for their golden years.

But “don’t box them in” applies to senior living operators, too. Today’s mixed-use senior living developments range from single structures to master planned communities functioning as independent towns.

There have never been more ways for senior living providers to capitalize on the benefits of mixed-use development.

They just have to think outside the box.

In this 45-page report, you'll learn:

  • Standout strategies for mixed-use, from sky bridges to public libraries
  • The rewards — and risks — of senior living providers becoming retail landlords
  • How mixed-use opens the door for senior living providers to enter urban markets
  • Why mixed-use improves care delivery, resident lifestyles and business outcomes
  • And much more!