The New Opportunity in Intergenerational Senior Living

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The demand by seniors to not be called “seniors” is not one of vanity. It is one of realism. With life expectancy rising and health levels improving, the traditional notion of a “senior” is no longer relevant. Seniors know that, and their lifestyle demands reflect that understanding. 
Today’s senior — and, crucially, tomorrow’s senior — wants an active lifestyle, a connection to the outside community and avenues to share their lifetime of experiences, skills, knowledge and wisdom. Their desires and demands are coalescing into an ever-expansive senior housing model: 
Intergenerational living. 
Whether as a master-planned community with age-based neighborhoods, a mixed-use apartment complex that houses a preschool or innovative programming that bridges the generations, this evolving landscape is changing the image of intergenerational senior living, thus creating a bold, new opportunity for providers. This report shows readers what’s now and what’s next — and reveals six exciting trends they won’t want to miss.
In this 28-page report, you will learn:
  • The six exciting trends reshaping intergenerational senior living
  • How the movement of New Urbanism facilitates intergenerational lifestyles
  • The principles binding intergenerational living and mixed-use development
  • Why strategic partnerships with would-be competitors is a winning play
  • Bold product executions not just in the U.S. but in Canada, London and Singapore
  • And much more!